Book a hotel in Kish, a memorable travel experience

When you choose the beautiful island of Kish as your travel destination, staying in one of the modern and unique hotels of Kish is definitely an experience that you will not miss. According to your travel purpose and your favorite entertainment style, there will be many options in front of you. The variety of Kish hotels, from the architectural style to the variety of entertainment available in the hotel and access to the entertainment places or shopping centers of the island, makes you have different choices.

Choosing the best hotel to stay in Kish Island

For people who consider traveling to Kish to be combined with sea activities and enjoying the beautiful Persian Gulf beach, staying in some Kish hotels that have their own beach or are located at the shortest distance to the sea will be very suitable. Mirage Kish Hotel is one of the newly built 5-star hotels on Kish Island.

The building of this complex has a special and modern architecture in 8 floors and has 178 rooms and suites with modern facilities and equipment with a beautiful view of the island or the sea. The advantages of Mirage Kish Hotel include its proximity to the coast of the Persian Gulf and beach activities such as jet skiing, boating, diving, etc., at a distance of 800 meters and Maryam and Venus shopping centers at a distance of 450 meters. The experienced staff of Mirage Hotel will be your host to make the happy moments of your stay eternal.

It should be noted that the rooms facing the sea only have a view of the sea.

The best season to travel to Kish

For most people, the very hot summers of Kish are not very bearable, so the autumn and winter seasons are the most popular for tourists to visit the island. Of course, in the spring season, the weather in Kish is still relatively mild. However, Kish hotels usually have a relatively lower price in the summer season, and the Kish summer festival provides special attractions for traveling to Kish in the summer with various programs and prizes. If you plan to spend Nowruz holidays in Kish Island, you should book Kish hotels long in advance. Because Nowruz holiday is one of the peak hotel days in Kish, and in case of delay in booking, the capacity of all hotels may be full.

The rooms have a beautiful interior design and are arranged in a modern style. In addition, they have complete amenities. For example, we can mention the air conditioning system, comfortable beds, flat TV, sofa and minibar. Also, if you have valuables with you, you can store them in the safe in your room. Private

bathroom with hair dryer and toiletries are available in all rooms.


One of the types of accommodation units in the hotel is standard double rooms, which are offered in two forms: double with one double bed and twin with two single beds. The other part is the hotel suites, which provide a more luxurious stay for the guests with more space and better facilities. These suites have different types and have capacities for two and three people.

The hotel restaurant is ready to serve the hotel guests by offering a variety of breakfast and a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes in a stylish and classic environment. Also, the hotel’s coffee shop has a beautiful place where you can enjoy a variety of hot and cold drinks and delicious desserts.


The hotel has a beautiful park where the pavilions are a cozy place to relax and breathe fresh air. Recreational facilities include swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi. This hotel also has two special reception halls for holding all kinds of events, including celebrations, parties and conferences. It should be noted that these halls have the best audio and video facilities. Also, the welcome service at the airport is regularly provided for guests. In addition, you can use the hotel’s tourist guide to explore the island and visit places of interest.

What is the cheapest hotel in Kish?

If you want to have a budget trip to Kish Island, you can spend your budget on entertainment by choosing Mirage Kish Hotel. You can stay in a 5-star hotel with the highest facilities at the most reasonable price and enjoy your trip to Kish Island.

What should I do to reserve Mirage Kish Hotel?

To book Mirage Kish Hotel, you can use the hotel reservation sites such as Stay 24, as well as the official website of Mirage Kish Hotel.

To book the Mirage Kish Hotel, just search for this word in Google, send your required documents from the sites mentioned above, and book the Mirage Kish Hotel for the desired days.

Some reasons for choosing Mirage Kish Hotel

  • Offer the lowest price: Get the best price and save money instead of paying the price of the hotel
  • Zero percent cancellation fee: If you cancel your reservation, Mirage Kish Hotel will not charge you any cancellation fee.
  • Check guest comments: By checking the opinions of hotel customers, you can see that most of the customers’ opinions are positive.

What is the location of Mirage Hotel and which attractions is it close to in Kish?

This hotel is located in Kish and Darya Boulevard. As one of the most popular tourist destinations among travelers, Kish Island has many places are beautiful: amusement park, karting, Maryam bowling, Hengam Park and bird garden. The distance between Mirage Kish Hotel and each of the mentioned attractions is 1 km and 376 meters, 1 km and 382 meters, 1 km and 456 meters, 2 km and 220 meters, and 6 km and 83 meters.

The location of Mirage Hotel on Darya Boulevard has made tourists easily accessible to the sea, marina and shopping centers. Dear guests can spend peaceful and memorable moments by booking the hotel and using its facilities and services during their stay.

How far is the five-star Mirage Kish Hotel from the airport?

The distance between Mirage Hotel and Kish International Airport is about 6.5 km, and it takes less than 10 minutes to drive this distance. Mirage Hotel has an airport transfer service for passengers on most days and guests can use it if they wish.

How much is the price of one night stay at Mirage Kish Hotel?

The cost of a one-night stay in this five-star hotel is different and depends on many things such as holidays, room amenities, hotel reservation date, length of stay, etc.